Saturday, 8 May 2010

My favourite dress

I seem to have a tendancy to write marathon length posts so thought I would keep this short and sweet ;)
I have been invited to a wedding in two weeks time and am tempted by a few pretty dresses in French Connection ( we are only invited to the evening part)

This is my current favourite dress for weddings.
I think the gold colour is a great colour to go with blonde hair and I like this style so much. In fact I very nearly had a copy made when I was in Thailand last year. It is what I guess you would call a 'baby doll' style and is nice and floaty ( and doesn't get too tight if you over indulge on cake!!)

Here it is.... (excuse the mess behind and the cup of tea,how rock and roll ha ha)



  1. Love that dress!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Buffing really does make a difference :)


  2. Glad to see you're back posting :) I love this dress. The style and colour really suit you xx

  3. Ah thanks you two.
    Cynthia Z - I will be buffing my nails on a regular basis from now on. In fact I have a lovely Essie nail varnish on as I speak. I purchased from Liberty the other week and the shade is Au Natural. In fact might do a review!
    Pint Sized Naomi - Yes I am back!!I have just been so busy of late but have lots of really nice new products that I will post about very soon.

  4. thank you for stopping by my page! this is a lovely dress!


  5. I understand why is your favorite dress!! it's beautiful!! and you look stunning!
    my siter is getting married next month so I will show u my wedding's outfit !!