Saturday, 27 February 2010

Good hair day?

My lovely boyfriend has treated me to a fab new PINK!!!! hairdryer. It is gorgeous and a proper salon quality job. It seems to dry my hair in half the time as my old 10 year old dryer that smelt like it was about to explode and regularly stopped working. It seems my bad hair days are finally over now that I have my new Turbodryer.
It is nice and light and easy to use to. I love it.Do any of you have one of these hairdryers? They are available in every colour under the rainbow!!

Skincare products I am using right now

I've read so many other people's blogs, so decided that it was high time I joined in and set one up of my own. I am always reading about the latest products that are good for certain skin tones and types so I thought that today I would let you in on a few of my secrets - what works for me and that type of thing. Now as a rule my skin is on the drier side and so particularly during the winter months I struggle with finding a suitable moisturiser that caters for my needs. Face wise I have been loyal to the Dermalogica Brand for nearly five years now and haven't come across a moisturiser that comes close to Intensive Moisture Balance in terms of hydration and general moisturising capabilities. Body wise I have struggled more and tend to flit between Body Shop Body Butters, Burts Bees Aloe and Buttermilk Body Lotion and more recently Kiehls Creme De Corps. One of my friends recommended Creme De Corps and I am really loving using it but I think have yet to find a product that really blows me away and hydrates the tops of my arms perfectly. Do any of you struggle with that? The whole dry skin on the top of the arms thing. I hate it and every winter dread the prospect of having to bare my arms if I am going out in the evening. If you can recommend a good product/exfoliation routine I would love to hear about it as would love to get silky smooth arms again!!! Anyway, I am waffling and wanted to show you the products I am using right now.

Boots Botanics- Soothing Eye Make Up Remover
I first came across this on Zoellas Blog and have not been disappointed. It is a great product and perfect for removing my mascara easily and without dragging on the skin. Clearly this is purchased from Boots and is fairly cheap and often available as part of a 3 for 2 offer.

Nuxe - Lait Demaquillant aux 3 Roses
I purchased this from Space NK and have to admit was drawn to it by the gorgeous smell! It contains 3 roses as the name suggests and also hazelnut oil and orange blossom. It is a lovely product and very refreshing on the skin. It says that it suits all skin types and I would say that is true. It does the job perfectly and like I said,the smell is AMAZING!!! Hydration wise it is okay, but I would always need to follow with Intensive Moisture Balance. It retails at £12.50 from Space NK although I am sure you could purchase from the internet.

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance
A great product that I have been using for 5 years now!! I used to be a serial moisturiser buyer as nothing really worked for me and even if it did to start with, about 2/3 months in I would start to get the tell tale dry skin on my chin and tightness around my nose so would need to purchase something new. IMB has been nothing like this and I never tire of the lovely feeling when I apply it to my face after I have cleansed and spritzed soothing protection spray. It is a perfect product if you suffer from dry or dehydrated skin. I aways buy my Dermalogica products from the internet from a site called Beautyflash. It is the cheapest place I have found to purchase from and they always deliver quickly and send a couple of samples too which is always nice.

Dermalogica Soothing Protection Spray
I love this product and have been using it for about 2 years. My beauty therapist introduced me to it and I find that it is great for adding moisture to the skin and also extending the life of my beloved IMB - it seems to make it last a little bit longer if you use in conjuction with Soothing Protection Spray. A large bottle is about £20.00 from Beauty Flash I think although I am sure there are lots of other web retailers that also sell it. Burts

Bees Soothingly Sensitive Aloe and Buttermilk Body Lotion
I first purchased this during the summer and as typical with me, was drawn in by the lovely smell and promise of soothing sensitive skin. It is great for light moisturising but without the heavy feeling that you sometimes get with body butters. You also only have to use a small amount of the product to moisturise your legs which is always a winner with me. I buy this from Ebay or my lovely boyfriend buys it for me as he knows that I love it, but you can get Burts Bees from most retailers like Debenhams, John Lewis etc.

Kiehls Creme De Corps
My latest purchase and has more than lived up to expectation. It provides great hydration and makes my legs silky smooth. I can’t wait to use this in the summer as it kind of glistens on your skin so will look great with skirts and shorts when you are wanting to get your pins out. I bought this from one of my favourite stores - Space NK. Don't you just love the customer service at that place?

So there you have it, my current skincare regime. What products are you using right now and what do you recommend?
I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Fave lipsticks and glosses

For absolutely ages now my favourite lip gloss combo has been Mac c-Thru paired with Mac Creme D’ Nude. I love the consistency of Mac lipsticks, they are so creamy, non drying and even taste nice! They also don’t stick to your lips to give that horrible chapped lip effect – so not a good look.
But, last week I had my highlights done and made the huge decision – one that I have been pondering over for so long – to have my hair colour lifted so that I have a nice creamy light blonde. I totally love it although it was a bit of a shock to the system to start with. My lovely hairdresser Fi came over to my house to do it for me and while we bonded over jacket potatoes and talk of nights out and holidays, my somewhat mousey hair was transformed into a lovely Sienna Miller style blonde.
And so, it has meant that I have had to totally reassess the makeup situation. What looks great on darker blonde, can make a lighter blonde look a bit washed out. So I took a trip to my local Bobbi Brown counter and tried out a couple of new colours. The lady I spoke to was lovely and so helpful. She seemed to really know and understand the look and effect that I was after. The result was the purchase of a fab new lip gloss in Buff and a liner in Heather Beige. She lined my lips after applying the gloss which is something that I don’t usually do, in fact I haven’t used a liner for quite a while and am really glad I have started to use one again. It really seems to help plump up the lips and make them look fuller and healthier.
I will upload a picture this evening so that you can get an idea of the look.
So there we have it, my new fave colour combo Bobbi Brown Buff and Heather Beige Lip Liner and one that I would totally recommend to people with blonde hair, blue eyes and a fair to medium complexion. It is a great nude shade but without washing you out and making you look pale.